swiss roll

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swiss roll

Would you be able to tell me the possible reasons why the swiss roll I made split when rolling and then fell apart?



Lindsey, Food Editor

Swiss roll

Hello zoe,

If your Swiss roll splits, firstly I would say don’t worry too much as it will still taste good and if you feel you can’t use it as a cake, pop it in the freezer as it will be great for a trifle.
The things to be careful about next time are….
1, Don’t overcook it, as it will be to dry and crisp.
2, It will roll better if it is still warm, so make sure everything you need for rolling is ready. Turn the Swiss roll out onto the sugared paper straight after you take it out of the oven, trim it quickly and cover with the damp tea towel for only 2 minutes than very quickly spread the jam, make the slit as shown on the video and roll it. (You can warm your jam to keep everything warm but if you do the jam will be thinner and the proportion of jam to sponge will be a bit less).

Good luck,

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