Egg sizes

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Egg sizes

HI when you say you use large eggs what size are you using? eg 700, 840? Thanks Robin

Lindsey, Food Editor

Large Egg weight

Dear Robin,

This is a great question because Delia and I were discussing this yesterday.

Guidelines that we have seen say that a large egg can be between 63g to 73g.

We like them to be nearer 73g. (This is the weight with its shell).

I always pick out the largest eggs from a box of large eggs when I bake cakes and use the smaller ones for glazing, scrambled etc.

Sometimes I buy the jumbo ones but then I pick out the smaller ones.

Best wishes



Egg size

For sponges I've always weighed the egg(s) and then adjust the other ingredients accordingly. Sometimes I buy a big box of eighteen 'value' eggs when I expect to do a lot of baking, scrambled eggs, etc. Some of those can be very twee, but they are a lot less expensive.

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