Tricolour terrine (v)

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Tricolour terrine (v)

This is my go-to vege option for fancy dinners, it looks complex, it's beyond easy to make. And, as a vegetarian myself, it's always good to have something that makes the meat eaters jealous!
It's the soup that makes it, that and the sliced veg gives it a richness and freshness that a tin of chopped tomatoes just can't compete with.

1 or 2 onions
frozen or can of spinach
handful of walnuts
8 medium mushrooms
2 large tomatoes
half a red pepper
Heinz cream of mushroom soup
Heinz cream of tomato soup
800g (16 slices) white breadcrumbs
basil or your favourite seasonings

Makes 2 loaf tins worth (it freezes well).

Finely chop and fry up onions with a little seasoning (maybe some chili). Divide into three.

For the spinach layer: Liquidise the spinach with the walnuts, stir in a third of the onions, add breadcrumbs into it sticks together well. Press into a very well greased tin.

For the mushroom layer: Thinly slice the mushrooms, add onions, the cream of mushroom soup and breadcrumbs until it sticks. Press in on top of the spinach layer.

For the tomato layer: Thinly slice the tomato and pepper, add onions, basil, the cream of tomato soup and breadcrumbs until it sticks. Press in on top of the mushroom layer.

Cook at 200C for at least an hour. Turn out and slice for tricolour perfection.

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