Smoked bacon

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Smoked bacon

Hi guys,
I live in Spain and have found it quite difficult to get smoked back Bacon.

I love the flavour of smokey bacon in a variety of dishes and just wondered if anyone knew of anywhere one could buy smoked bacon flavouring (either liquid, cubes or powder)?

I googled it and found liquid smoke, anyone tried it?
Cant seem to find it in the UK oe Spain, any ideas?

Thanks in anticipation and best regards,


Smoked Bacon

Brian, we live in France and although we can get smoked bacon here Hubby has just built his own Cold smoker from an old cupboard (with a few adjustments). We are using the ProQ Cold Smoke Generator which we bought via the internet and having great fun smoking meat, sausage, bacon and fish too. If you would like more info just drop me a line (address on profile).

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