Crushed Herbs/Spices?

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Crushed Herbs/Spices?

I have found a new addition to the freezer cabinet in Tesco, a firm called 'Dorot' has put out a range of crushed garlic, ginger and chille, in a miniature ice cube tray - 20 cubes to a pack; each cube is about 1 teaspoon - very handy if you don't use a lot in a week or a month.
thought this might be useful


Crushed Garlic

A bulb of garlic keeps very well. Ginger freezes perfectly, and is very cheap; just grate off what you want while frozen. Chillies freeze perfectly and thaw out very quickly. Seems like a product without a purpose. But then I am a cynical consumer.


crushed garlic

we grow our own garlic which gets plaited and hung up, it lasts us all year. Our own grown chillies are frozen and keep us going all year again. I have bought the frozen ginger from Sainsbury's but very disappointed found it tasteless so now do the same as Welshcookie much more flavour. foxy x


Crushed garlic

I've also seen these in the supermarket, will definitely try them out. Every little helps..

Liz from Cumbria

frozen crushed garlic

I always keep one of these in the freezer for those times when you just know you have a head of garlic then you think "oh but I used it for...." so can't get a clove off the head. Likewise, I usually keep a bag of frozen chopped onions, I mean I always have onions in the cupboard - then when I really need one or more, I suddenly realise that I forgot to get onions when I was shopping. It's always when the shops are shut too! Always remember to buy a hand of ginger though and that sits in the freezer happily and I just grate it from frozen, works like a dream.



Dorot have been doing these for years, I love em!


sam from worthing


yes i agree with James, have been around for yonks.

I often get the frozen herbs espeically basil, as i don;t use basil as much as parsley and coriander so have a pot of fresh on the window sill all the time. and likewise with others, i keep my garlic in my onion pot and it lasts for ages, i freeze ginger in lump sizes, and i freeze my chillies too.

Esther R

Crushed Herbs/Spices

I have quite a few cartons of frozen herbs and spices in the freezer. Waitrose do little packets of frozen chopped shallots and I just use them straight from frozen. It saves having to buy a whole lot of shallots which hang around until I eventually throw them out.

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