Food past its sell-by-date

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Food past its sell-by-date

I've eaten food long after it was suggested & I'm still here to tell the tale. And this despite being on immuno-suppressants, have cystic fibrosis, diabetes & kidney failure for which I need dialysis. So, ignore those dates, within reason of course, & trust in your own judgement. We're all supposed to be cooks, aren't we?!


Sell-by dates

Are you perhaps muddling sell-by and use-by dates? Sell-by dates are in effect used by s'markets as an aid to stock control and have no bearing on the safety or otherwise of the food. Use-by dates on the other hand may indicate that there may be some deteroration in the quality of the product after that date. It does not necessarily mean that the product will do you harm just that it may not be at its best. Though there are many products that can be stored and used well after the indicated date.

I am always interested in people who claim they use the 'sniff test' before eating suspect food. They could perhaps be employed by the food industry - so much cheaper than scientific examination in a food poisoning outbreak.

Dolly Doodle

To use by, or not to use by

I'm very laissez faire about sell-by/use-by dates - but I'm a child of the 60's and a mother and grandmother who never had such guidelines anyway.

I've seen food spoiled within the date period, equally food fine to eat outside of the period.

I judge by nose, eye and feel.

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