hello to old friends x

Haven't a clue what galangal is, or need to know what to use if you can't buy creme fraiche locally? We're sure our knowledgeable members will be able to point you in the right direction...


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fiona clover

hello to old friends x

Yet again its been a while since Ive visited Delia and I dont know why other than my life has changed soooo much since those heady days of virtual parties!
Anyway I really hope all my old friends that gave me so much support through the difficult times are still around and willing to help me with my ongoing recipe fascination?
Also having trouble uploading pic? nothing happens?

sam from worthing

hiya fi

welcome back. i bet this site must have looked very different to you on your return. many of the old crowd are still here and about, lots of new names too - which is wonderful. what pic are you having trouble with? if its your avatar on your profile, i can see you - it takes a little while to come on board. if its recipe pictures for your profile - they still get audited by the team and are usually up and visible a minimum of 24 hours after you submitting.

hello to old friends

Welcome back Fiona! I am still here....!


I am sure you would have had more messages to welcome you back on What's Cooking as the Ingredients forum is not as well used.....

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