Delia's Vegetarian Cookbook

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Delia's Vegetarian Cookbook

I have always been a huge Delia fan, I have all her cookbooks, and on recently becoming Vegetarian I purchased her Vegetarian cookbook. On starting to use it I was horrified to discover that a lot of her recipes contain Parmesan. Parmesan is not suitable for vegetarians, ever !!! It cannot be made without animal rennet, which usually comes from the calf's stomach. Other cheeses can be made from a synthetic form of rennet thereby making it suitable for vegetarians. I cannot believe Delia make such a basic mistake and am so disappionted :-)



Its not a mistake.

Its interpretation.

Delia is not a vegetarian and this book IS suitable for most vegetarians.

Vegetarian versions of parmesan cheese are available, and this is pointed out.


Delia's Vegetarian Cookbook

I agree with James - there are many interpretations of vegetarian.
I haven't eaten meat or fish for over 30 years, and I love Delia's book!!
Looking in a few of my other vegetarian cookbooks they all use Parmesan - generally without any mention of getting a vegetarian variety. Maybe that's a fairly new idea - most of my books are rather old now!

Just looked in "Crank's Fast Food" by Nadine Abensur, a vegetarian cookbook first published in 2000. She recommends a big block of Parmigiano Reggiano as an essential in the home kitchen.
She was Food Director of the vegetarian restaurant group Cranks for 5 years. So No, I don't think Delia is making a huge error.

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