What can I replace celery with when making stock

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What can I replace celery with when making stock

My husband loathes celery and I can't say I'm too keen on it either. However, lots of recipes for stocks involve using celery. Is there a way round this?


Celery replacement

If I were you, I'd just leave it out - I rarely use celery in my stock because we're not keen on it either - I just use onion, carrot, black peppercorns, a bay leaf or two, whatever meat or bones I'm making the stock from, and some salt - plus parsley if I have it, maybe a little thyme. I don't think I've ever followed a recipe for stock, I just chuck stuff in there!


Replace celery

Only thing is, celery does add much more than it would seem to taste of normally and at the same time, the flavour of "celery" as such doesn't seem to come through.


replacing celery

With celery salt as seasoning, though not as salty as sea salt.


Replacing celery

Bah! You beat me to it Gerry. I was just about to suggest celery salt. My sister hates celery but doesn't spot it in casseroles or soup. Anchovies are the same. If I don't tell her I put them in Jamie O's chicken dish she scoffs the lots.


Nausea Bagwash


Not to my taste in a lot of things either - odd because I love it raw - I sometimes use celery seed which has a much less assertive flavour in stock.

Lovage, if you have it in the garden is quite a good alternative but otherwise just leave it out.



Lovage is very strong, so taste a bit to judge how much to use.

Red Poppies


I have always used celeriac for stock or stews. Although it is the same plant, I think it tastes different to the celery stalks and gives a slightly different flavour. Maybe you could try that?

I must get a lovage plant for the garden, so thanks for the reminder. In switzerland it's known as the Maggi plant because it is similar to the Maggi seasoning that is popular there (I dont know if you know it here).

Nausea Bagwash


"Lovage is very strong, so taste a bit to judge how much to use. "
Good point

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