sweet potatoes

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sam from worthing

sweet potatoes

the other day i made a kind of potoatoe dauphinoise (i think) type dish, using sweet tatties.

from good food feb 2011.

and it was really delicious.

but the sweet tatties i brought all looked the same, until i can to peel them, 2 had an orangey/pinky colour flesh, the other had a very pale yellow colour to it when peeled.

is this normal?

where they both sweet potatoes?

this is my first experience of cooking with SP's so would value input.

the dish did look beautiful though as i re arranged my slices to alternate between yellow and orange with lovely bright green spinach betweent he layers.

and it was extremely tasty too.



sweet potatoes

Much like ordinary spuds there are different varieties of sweet potato, with varying skin and flesh colours. I'd guess you picked 2 varieties, but both were sweet potatoes so would cook in the same way and taste similar.

They're great baked for a quick lunch as they cook much faster than potatoes. I tried an American recipe for candied sweet potatoes once, but found it really weird. It was a bit like having dessert with the main course.

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