Pastry or Dough

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Pastry or Dough

I am working on a project to provide a dictionary of pastry/dough types, however although I had some experience in a hotel I am finding some problems.

Firstly I know that the basic types of dough are, shortcrust, filo, choux etc. However where I live(Peru) it seems that they have a different pastry for every type of product for example:

Masa choux for profiteroles, lionesas etc

Masa Galleta - for cheesecake
Masa donut - for donuts
Masa Pizza - for pizza etc
Masa dulce - for apple turnovers

What I want to know is do the commercial bakeries, hotels in the UK also have a wide variety of different doughs and if so where can I get a list.



If you look on Wikipedia that will start you off with some types of pastry. I'm sure other people will guide you in the right direction. We are not supposed to give links on this site.

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