hestons christmas pudding

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hestons christmas pudding

I don't know if anyone has commented on this subject but as I was unable to buy one can anyone tell me what the waitrose Heston's pudding with the orange in the centre was like?


heston's Xmas pud

waitrose heston's christmas pudding
and it's the 2nd one down, 2 pages; the person who managed to cook it without wrapper disintegrating or water coming in, said it was delish.


Heston's pudding

I bought one on impulse on Christmas Eve. I steamed it for 3 hours and had no problems with the packaging. It was gorgeous and I would definitely buy it again.

Nausea Bagwash

Daily Telegraph

Hmm, must have a go at this next year. I have a recipe for Sussex Pond Pudding which has a whole lemon in the middle and I suppose the principle would be the same.

There's a link on the Waitrose forum to an article in the Daily Telegraph by Rose Prince about her attempt to recreating the pudding. She wasn't particularly fussed about the result but it might be interesting to have a go.

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