Stone/Gritty ingredients

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Stone/Gritty ingredients

Back in July, I posted a message asking anyone to tell me how I avoid the stoney, gritty crunch from Christmas Cake, mince pies fruit ingredients. Well,it would seem that currants, sultanas, raisins should be "seedless", stoneless etc etc.
This year I made Delia's marvellous Classic Christmas Cake and was careful to buy all my ingredients from Waitrose and checked that all the packets said "seedless". I made my cake in November,if I could see any stalks on the fruit, I removed them, lovingly feed it regularly with Brandy and it is really fabulous - except that every other mouthful there's a "crunch"
from some kind of stone or seed from the fruit. I have taken samples and I am sending them to Waitrose to tell me what they are and how people like me who HATE this awful thing with mince meat which feels if you are crunching on grit can be avoided and still make Christmas Cake! I will post any findings because I know there are a few people out there who feel like me.

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