Vinegar and frozen apples

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Lana George

Vinegar and frozen apples

Sorry, two questions in one post and it doesn't relate to a Delia recipe but I have always found everyone so helpful here! (It's a bbc good food recipe for apple and cranberry chutney). Apologies if the answers to my questions are here somewhere already but I couldn't see them if so.
Firstly, the recipe states cider vinegar. I used all mine making chilli jam so now have only white wine and rice wine (and red wine!) Can any of these be used as substitution please?
Secondly, the recipe requires 1kg bramley apples. I don't have any fresh but cooked up lots a while back and froze. Any idea please how much frozen apple I'd need to = 1kg of fresh?
Thanks in advance!

Queen of Puds

vinegar & apples

I'd use white wine vinegar - but even red would only give a darker colour. I guess the cider vinegar is to complement the apples. Re apple quantity, I'd reduce it a bit (maybe 225 or 300g less of the frozen) because the frozen may increase the fluid volume. You could then add more apple if it looked like it needed it.

Nausea Bagwash

apples and vinegar

In fact it doesn't matter about the extra liquid as it will be cooked off. It'll just take longer.


Frozen apples

This rather intrigues me. Surely there won't be any more liquid than there was originally. It may come out of the apples on thawing, but it must have been there in the first place.


Thaw first.

I always thaw apples out before using in chutney or jams.
Put in a colander & allow to thaw, then use the right weight of apple plus a couple of tbl spoons of the juice.


frozen apples

I agree, there shouldn't be any extra water, indeed there may well be less as ice crystals form and are discarded when the apples are used. My only concern would be that the apples are too soft if they have been cooked previously. I find that the vinegar tends to help raw apples pieces keep their shape. Still, just a different texture and so what? It should taste similar even with a different vinegar.

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