Suet substitute for mincemeat?

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Suet substitute for mincemeat?

Any ideas for using an alternative fat in the mincemeat filling for mincepies? Forgot to bring some suet from recent UK trip and am now desperate to get on with my mincemeat (in Italy). Marg/lard any good?



Hi Bob,

A week or so ago I ordered some suet from a Brit website store in the UK on Monday morning and it got here ( Southwest USA)on the Friday morning. I thought that was pretty fast.

I seem to remember people saying that they had put butter in the freezer and then grated it as an alternative.
I have not tried that myself though.

Good luck !

JamJar aka Chutney Queen

suet-free mincemeat

why not try a suet-free recipe ? I use one which has base of stewed apple, its lovely and moist and all the mincemeat flavours are there. I find it keeps from one year to next although some recipes say it won't.

violet eyes

suet substitute for mincemeat

I have just used up my last jar of suet free mincemeat which I made this time last year and it was still good.

Christine Moore

Unsalted Butter

Nobody died of a heart attack when I used unsalted butter instead of suet. The thought of suet was horrible and debatable whether is is better for you than butter anyway lol BTW the pies were delicious!

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