old-fasioned cherry cake

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sue /chipping norton

old-fasioned cherry cake

This recipe is very popular with friends, but can anyone help me with keeping the cherries from sinking to the bottom. The recipe doesn't ask you to wash and dry cherries carefully but they are cut into quarters and tossed in 4oz of ground almonds. I have tried washing the cherries and drying etc.which other cherry cake recipes advise but the cherries seem washed out, and colourless.

This is Delia Smith's Old fashioned cherry cake, and it does have a good
texture and flavour. We love it.

Noreen, Board Moderator

Old fashioned cherry cake

Sue - if you go to the transcript of Delia's recent webchat, you will see at 1.33 this question was asked by Sam, and Delia has some up to date info on the sinking cherry saga for her...


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