Glitches... update on Passwords

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Glitches... update on Passwords

OK. Technical fairies have fixed the problem for those who can't get their passwords to save. If this has happened to you please follow these instructions....

Click on the Forgotten Your Password link.

When the random one comes in to your inbox go back to the site and sign in with it. To change it to something easier to remember, click on My Delia Online, then Update My Details. Clear the password boxes of their dots before you type in you PREFERRED password and then save.

You can then test it by loggin out and then logging in with your new password.

If you still can't get in please email me on



I didn't get a new password sent to me, that is why I re-registered. Did everyone else get one sent?

Also, I hadn't expected us all to appear under our real names. I can't recognise everyone and maybe some people didn't want their real names to show. Is this a glitch or was it intentional? I know some people have tried to change back to their screen names without success.

Sue G


I didn't get a new password, i did mention that my email had changed, but noreen said, it would be sent to my email in my profile.
Not realy a problem, just had to register again.

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