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For Yummy and Lindsey


I made the chocolate torte yesterday and this is my report.

I used Yummy's method of making simple syrup and use Lindsey's idea of replacing rum with pear juice.

There was just the slightest hint of pear in the melted chocolate. I mixed 250g mascarpone with a 250ml carton of cream and it whipped up very quickly and without having to thin it out. When the cream was added to the chocolate the pear taste was negligible.

There was only two little problems, one was a chocolate 'malfunction' when the spoon fell out of the melting chocolate and splattered on my arm and down my t-shirt and the second when the recipe states to spoon the mixture onto the amaretti and my mixture was very liquid but it has set very well. Some of the chocolate is showing through the amaretti so I would probably use more biscuit next time.

On the whole I'm very impressed with it and thank you both for your help.

Wendy x

Lindsey, Food Editor

Truffle Torte

Excellent! Wish we were there to try it.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Lindsey x

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