Halogen Ovens.

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sam from worthing

Halogen Ovens.

Anyone on here have one?

Ok, i know i should have written this in the 'equipment' section, but thought i might get more response in here.

I have newly acquired one, and i am loving it so far.

I have 3 Halogen Oven cook books too.

I have only really cooked basic things in it, but it cooks fairly quickly - ever so economically (I have a smart meter to see the electric costs - and the write ups do confirm - it uses between 40 & 50% less electric than a single fan oven).

It is so far easy to keep clean, it is a tad awkward getting stuff in and out, but i am mastering that.

I have cooked pies, various chicken pieces inc, wings, breast and quarters not brought a whole chicken yet to try, roast potatoes, chips, sausages, "boiled" eggs, pork loin chops/steak things and a cake.

If you have one, what are your opinions on these machines? what recipes would you recommend?

Am hoping to cook a Pork Loin Joint tomorrow in it. But i may chicken out, pardon the pun, for fear of ruining the pork????

Look forward to hearing your comments.



Hi, well I now live in Spain and we have two just in case one breaks down. We use ours early every day, whether it be inside or outside, after all we don't always want to BBQ but it's still too hot to cook inside. I haven't cooked cakes in it but our joints of meat, roasties, all go in and believe it or not Yorkshire Puddings do great in there, you do need at he extension ring tho as they have to be cooked on the high trivet. Wouldn't be able to manage without one now. Maz

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