It's very quiet on here ...!

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Queen of Puds

It's very quiet on here ...!

Must be because everyone has too much to do.

I don't have to work over Christmas luckily (I'll have the work phone on but there are rarely any calls) but I'm really looking forward to the break, & I officially finish on 20 Dec, yippee!

Anyone out there working over Christmas? What do you do? I do feel for people in service industries who have to cover every day, especially nurses & doctors, firefighters, police staff, court officials, prison officers etc. Not to mention hotel & pub staff. I imagine it can be quite grim sometimes.

Will you & Lindsey be working, Nor?

Dottie May

It's very quiet on here..!

I've been busy packing presents. Everything done now. I noticed at our local Esso petrol station over Christmas they are open 24 hours!! I have a friend who is a nurse and she said she enjoys working over the Christmas period.

Noreen, Board Moderator

It's very quiet on here

Hi QOP's! The message boards always go quiet around this time, which always seems strange as the rest of the site is super-busy, we have a lot of traffic elsewhere.

I will have a bit of time off, but we always have to keep an eye on the site to make sure it is all ok.


Being quiet

Personally, I'm quiet at the moment because my Christmas is sort of on hold until tomorrow night, and I'm saving myself :) I'm off to the UK tomorrow to stay with Dad for the holiday - so haven't been able to do much prep for it here - husband will be home alone but he's not one for Christmas stuff really - not bothered about food nor decorations. We'll be celebrating his (significant) birthday on Jan 8th, when I'll be home again, so that's going to be my substitute for Christmas at home this year (planning a roast goose).

Having said that, I have 3 separate Christmas food deliveries lined up to arrive at Dad's before the day itself, everything planned down to the last nibble, Dad has the tree ready to put up when I get there, and it's going to be wonderful. We've not been together at Christmas for around 20 years - he usually goes to Florida but is not up to it this year, being 86 'n all. I've made sure we have all our traditional Christmas food from when I was growing up (Stone's Green Ginger Wine, anyone?), and am looking forward to some serious reminiscing (he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and vascular dementia this year, but is still pretty much with it) and storing up memories for the future. It's just going to be Dad and me on Christmas Day itself, but I'm still planning a feast!

I'll probably turn into a posting fool on the forum after I get to the UK, so brace yourselves - I'll be frothing on about cooking things and so on - can't wait, although it's all a bit bittersweet because I'm leaving my husband and the dogs for a couple of weeks.

I'd love to hear about the Christmas the rest of you have planned?

Queen of Puds

Our Christmas

It will be just us & both sets of parents this year, so quite low key. We will then be with other family members, at their place, for New Year, but otherwise just a welcome opportunity to stay home & not have to travel or work. Can't wait!

sam from worthing


I too had thought it had gone quiet.

but it did cheer me up too see Ging, posting, not seen you around for quite a while.

Your christmas plans sound fab - and a deffered christmas dinner for a significant birthday - that sounds wonderful too.

christmas here will be another fairly quiet time, but all the stops will still be pulled out.

shame the tv programme makers can't do better stuff, wasted 90p on festive tv book that was lol.


Not that quiet after all :)

Good to see you too, Sam - and speaking of which, we should try to meet up in person in the New Year - looks like I'm going to be in the UK just as much, if not more, than I was last year, so has to be done! Do we have each other's emails, or can you find me on Facebook? Let me know anyway and we'll sort something out :) I can always get to Worthing - been a while since I was there and would like to see how it's changed over the years :) Maybe Ann would like to join us?

Our tree is now up, turns out it came with lights but without decorations, so am planning to make gingerbread people, santas, stars and hearts tomorrow and decorate it with them, which should be fun. Dad's scoffing cranberry muffins at the moment, and I'm off to the cheese shop tomorrow for some of their wonderful Stilton, steeped in port for 3 days. It is EXTREME cheese :D

Discovered I bought a big jar of mincemeat sometime this year - found it in the cupboard, now debating what to do with it - am thinking it's probably easiest to buy some ready made puff pastry and do mincemeat rolls or similar - but am open to suggestions!

I've been playing Christmas tunes to myself all day, and am now definitely in the mood (the red wine I opened may be helping with that!). I'm simply having a wonderful Christmastime :P


It's very quiet on here ...!

Sounds like your having a great time, Darkginger.

The link above is to a mincemeat slice that I've made and really like - an alternative to mince pies! You might like to try it - it's very easy!

I was in Worthing last May, visiting my father - he turned 90 this week! Not sure that Sam actually lives in Worthing, though?

Essex Girl

Dark Ginger

Yes, would love to meet up again. Just give me a date!


Very Quiet

Ooops, try again.

Darkginger... what a lovely daughter you are. I had tears in my eyes just reading what you have planned for your Dad xx

Yes, I think we're all trying to get ahead of the drag curve as they say and I think I'm just coming up for air and feel slightly more organised. Still not finalised those delivery orders (three pending). When that is done I think I will feel better.

Todays job is wrapping presents and icing two cakes.

H x

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