A Christmassy Poem, to get you in the mood !!

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A Christmassy Poem, to get you in the mood !!

Oh, The Joys !!!!

To-ing, Fro-ing
Hither, Thither
Minds a’ jangling
Nerves a’ quiver

Slipping, Sliding
Swerving, Gliding
Joys of Winter
Joys of Driving

All this snow,
All this stress
Will we get there?
It’s anyone’s guess

By plane, by train, by tunnel or ferry
Forget the “Peace and Goodwill and be Merry”
Motorways closed, the whole country’s insane
Yes, It’s Christmastime on the roads again !!!

Elaine Towler 2010


A Christmassy Poem, to get you in the mood !!

and another, old ones but still apt at this time of year x

Silence of the Snow

Mother Nature has gone to bed
Pulled the snow white duvet over her head
Set her “World Aware Alarm Clock” upon the shelf
Mother Nature is healing herself

The sky is pinkish, greenish, grey
“More snow up there “ is what they say
Children squeal, faces aglow
Excited voices pierce the Silence of the Snow

Skiing, sliding, tobogganing, riding
Cars are skidding, drivers cursing
But the snow’s pure beauty surpasses all
As the pure, perfect snowflakes continue to fall

The world falls silent in the blanket of snow
But underneath there is life, awaiting new birth
The alarm clock will ring, and bulbs will emerge
Flowers spring forth and once again colour the earth

Essex Girl

Christmas Poem

Lovely, Yummy.

Dottie May

Christmas Poems

Enjoyed both of those very much Yummy. We experienced some of the driving yesterday - thankfully we weren't driving ourselves. We went to Cardiff to see John Wilson & Orchestra at the St. David's Hall. The City was jammed packed with shoppers and parking was horrendous but were able to get a space eventually. The concert by the way was super.

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