Carrot Cake with Craisins !! WoW !

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Carrot Cake with Craisins !! WoW !

I made Delia's Low Fat Carrot Cake at the weekend, substituting the sultanas with the Craisins won in the Oceanspray/Delia competition, and also adding some broken walnuts...

WoW !! it was absolutely amazing, delicious, not quite as sweet as made with sultanas which suits my taste, and the addition of the walnuts gave it an extra depth.

If you were lucky to win some of these delicious little ruby gems I can heartily recommend using your Craisins for this recipe. If you weren't lucky...go and buy some, it will be worth it :)

Dottie May

Carrot Cake with Craisins!! WoW

Yummy, many thanks for the suggestion - will give it a try.


carrot cake with craisins!!WoW!

got it in oven now thanks for the idea of craisins instead of sultanas

sam from worthing

Craisins WOWEEEE

I am a convert to these since winning some too.

I added them to a farmhouse loaf cake.

And everyone who has had a slice has loved them - they are nice and juicy too not over poweringly sweet - which i don't like either.

I also added them to a biryani, using left over chicken from a roast. Now that is really nice - and i am not a fruity/meaty person, but these where gawjus.



I have used Craisins for a long time , I get them in large bags at Costco .
They are certainly very adaptable.
I like a handful on my porridge , hubby has them in his yogurt most mornings.
They are also in my mincemeat this year.

Queen of Puds

Carrot cake & craisins

What a brilliant idea... I'll have a go at that with mine ...

violet eyes


I made an apple and craisin cake today. Haven't tried it yet but it smelt lovely when baking.

sam from worthing


oooooooooo another fab recipe to use craisins in.

Spotted dick.

oh wow it looks so pretty too, and doesn't seem as claggy either, nice and juicy.


Craisins Ocean Spray prize

My prize was delivered this morning and I'd like to thank DoL and Ocean Spray for such a lovely treat. My three year old grandson had stayed overnight and couldn't wait to help me open the parcel! So straightaway we made chocolate krispies using the muffin tray and the first bag of craisins - just in time to share with his mum & aunt who arrived for lunch with their little ones. Next we'll try the gingerbread man recipe that was included - thanks so much!

sam from worthing

Craisins - ANOTHER use....

Oh my word.

I have just found another marvellous way to use these.

If you make your craisins drunk over night, in rum/brandy/whisky.

then use in this recipe.

you will find that you don't have any left for the freezer for giving as going home on christmas day gifts.

It seemed that one or 2 had to be sampled for quality control purposes ..... BUT....

I make delias truffles, practically every year - the most favourite is or rather was the ginger ones, and ones covered in chocolate hundreds and thousands - but the craisins ones didn't even make it to the freezer - so i shall have to make another batch.

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