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Noreen, Board Moderator

Cookery School

Do take a look at the gorgeous souffle videos in the cookery school this week and let us know what you think....

violet eyes

cookery school

Just excellent. I don't think there's been a recipe that I wouldn't have eaten. They all look so easy to do.
Look forward to watching them each week and I shall be making some of those souffles. They look so light I'm sure they don't have any calories :o)



I have to say the potato, spring onion and cheese looks very tasty. I might try that but I would have to use some Italian cheese, apart from the parmesan.

I don't like the taste of alcohol so would use some fruit juice (if that's possible) in the chocolate souffle.

As VE said, they all looked good.

Wendy x

Dottie May

Cookery School - Souffles

I must say the recipes look very inviting. Have to confess I've never tasted or even made a Souffle so may have a go.

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