Delias Swiss Roll

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sam from worthing

Delias Swiss Roll

I have to tell you.

My order from Lakeland arrived on Saturday, containing the silverwood swiss roll tin and liner.

So i got cracking with her swiss roll recipe (from book of cakes).

Oh its so easy, so quick, so tasty.

I did wonder about the amount of cake batter - thinking this is not enough - but by jolly, its perfect.

The liner specially shaped for the tin - is great too, makes turning the sponge out so much easier.

great recipe. thumbs up!


Swiss roll

YES! Isn't it brilliant. I felt so proud of myself!!! I've done it twice now. The first time was slightly better than the second. Not sure why. Obviously I'll have to make a third now!

Lindsey, Food Editor

Thank you

Dear Sam and Feathered,

Thank you for posting such positive feedback.

We all really appreciate your comments

Many thanks


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