Foodie packing :D

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Foodie packing :D

Just wondering whether the rest of you suffer from 'foodie-ism' as much as I do? This was brought home to me today when I started packing stuff to go home to Ireland tomorrow. So far, in my case there is:

1 jar preserved lemons
1 jar tamarind paste
1 jar very lazy lemongrass
1 jar garlic/ginger puree
1 pot of pink peppercorns
1 jar of green peppercorns
2 packs kasuri methi (dried fenugreek leaves)
1 jar chipotle paste
1 jar Patak's chilli pickle
3 different types of dried chillies
2 packs of star anise

All that, plus shedloads of treats for the dogs, a bottle of Smirnoff Espresso vodka, and a 50cl bottle of tequila :)

I have managed to squeeze in a few clothes, too! Am I the only one who always brings hard-to-get-where-you-live foodie stuff home?



I bring back loads of shopping when I return from Ireland.
Mostly foods from childhood that I am unable to purchase here.
So glad we travel by car.


Food Packing.

The last time I went home to England I was stopped from boarding at Gatwick with Virgin Atlantic until I rearranged my luggage because all of the chocolate and toffee from Thorntons made my suitcase too heavy! It all went into my carry on with strict instructions not to put it into the overhead bin. What a sorry state of affairs.

Essex Girl

Foodie Packing

Have you been to Taj by any chance DG?

The Cat's Mother

Foodie packing

I live in France and always return to the UK for Christmas - I have already started my list of things to bring back (not only food, but that is high on the list). Top of the food list is beef (all cuts) as the beef here is awful. We travel by car and I take a cold box and pack it full and then straight into the freezer when we get back!! Another thing is white wine vinegar, it is hard to believe, but you cannot get this in the supermarkets here!! Marigold bouillon, crunchy nut cornflakes, and lots lots more. Sad really, but it does make life better to have the things you really like. I know I could compromise,but why should I?



Yes, I might have paid a couple of visits to Taj ;) For once, I was in the UK long enough to use some of their fresh ingredients as well as the store-cupboard stuff - fresh fenugreek leaves being the revelation - much more pungent than the dried variety, but also more subtle, too. Also found some incense sticks that are identical to ones I used back when I was a student - instant transport back to 1984!

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