What is your favourite meat

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Dottie May

What is your favourite meat

Not sure if this has come up before and apologies if it has. After much deliberation I've come to the conclusion that mine must be CHICKEN. What is yours?

Queen of Puds

Favourite meat...

British lamb, every time, every cut ....mmmmmm!


favourite meat

I love lamb but my best ever meal is a really good quality roast chicken, made with lemon and tarragon

Grannie Cool

What is your favourite meat.?

I absolutely love British Lamb but I could easily be lured by a great joint of rib of beef with all the trimmings..... yummy.

violet eyes

favourite meat

I like most meat but my favourite would be roast leg of lamb, mint sauce, roast and new potatoes, runner beans, yorkshire pudding and gravy but I just can not bring myself to eat those little fluffy lambs that have had hardly any life.

I know I'm stupid to think this way but I just couldn't.
If tomorrow was my last day then maybe, as the guilt wouldn't last long.

Queen of Puds

Favourite fish then?

Can I have lobster, or langoustines?

Let's be honest, I eat almost anything ..... :)

sam from worthing

favourite meat..

meat - it has to be Lamb.

poultry - has to be chicken.

fish - cod, as long as its in batter.

bread - guilty secret - tiger bread.

cake - tea cake.

vegetable - hmmmmm, much harder to come up with one ultimate - but i think, it has to be home grown runner beans.



My out & out favourite is belly of pork that has got some serious crackling on top.
I always put a drizzle of maple syrup on my belly of pork , then rub some salt on top & roast.
It is melt in the mouth tender with a very slight hint of sweetness.

I also love brisket that has been slow roasted for 4 or 5 hours..

I know they are the cheaper cuts , but cooked properly they are so delicious.


Favourite meat

Leg of lamb with a copious amount of mint sauce every time.

Sam... tea cake?!! :o) As in toasted tea cake? Seriously?

H x

The Cat's Mother

Favourite Meat

Roast British Beef that has been hung properly, carved thinly and served with roast potatoes, parsnips, good gravy and yorkshire pudding . Just typing that paragraph makes my mouth water - the beef here in France is dreadful.

I also like roast lamb - leg or shoulder, with hasselback potatoes, mint sauce, redcurrant jelly and gravy. runner beans would be nice, but I think peas are a must with lamb.
Welsh lamb would be my preference. The lamb here in France is good but very very expensive. (We substitute frozen from New Zealand which is acceptable, but not quite the same)!


Fave Meat

A tender steak cooked perfectly....with chips! : )

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