Slo-Cooker Recipes for Feathered

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Slo-Cooker Recipes for Feathered

Hi again, Nanny Ogg was Queen of the Slo-Cooker recipes, sadly she is no longer with us, but if you look under "Your Recipes" and in Main Meals look for her name you will find quite a few. here is one of hers to start you off....have fun searching for them. Also you can convert any casserole or Tagine recipes for you slo-cooker in fact anything with a long and low cooking time. Good Luck.... here's the link


Slo-Cooker Recipes for Feathered

Also feathered, I had to pose a question to my friends about the timing for casseroles done in the slo cooker and I received this piece of really good information so I'll share it with you :~

Revised timing for Slo-Cooker recipes

If a dish usually takes:
15 - 30 mins
cook it for 1 - 2 hours on High
or 4 - 6 hours on Low

30 mins - 1 hour
cook it for 2 - 3 hours on High
or 5 - 7 hours on Low

1 - 2 hours
cook it for 3 - 4 hours on High
or 6 - 8 hours on Low

2 - 4 hours
cook it for 4 - 6 hours on High
or 8 - 12 hours on Low

Root vegetables can take longer than meat and other vegetables so put these near the heat source, at the bottom of the pot.

I'm just about to do a Beef in Red Wine Casserole from Slimming World for this evening so I am going to start it now !! it's just gone 11am !


Nanny's slo-cooker recipes

You will find them by clicking on her name here.



Slo-Cooker Recipes for Feathered

Thanks Nor, that's really usefulx


slo-cooker recipes for me!

Thanks! That's very kind of you! Fantastic. I will ahve a good read through!


Member's recipes

Yummy, I was going to post a link to Nannyogg for you, but Nor got there first!!

When I find a member recipe list I think looks good I bookmark the page - that way I can always get back to their recipes even if they haven't posted for ages. (Or in the case of Nannyogg, they have sadly died.)

I've found the bookmarks handy a few times, so I just thought I'd post the idea.

Dottie May

FAO featheed31

I originally put this comment on "Ask Lindsey" section but thought perhaps you may not pick it up so repeating it below.
I won a Slow-Cooker in a competition but it only had a veery small recipe booklet. I bought a cookery book via Lakeland called "Slow Cooker One Pot & Casserole Cookbook"
by Catherine Atkinson and Jennie Fleetwood. It is excellent having over 400 recipes and 1,700 photographs.
By the way I've also saved Nanny Oggs recipes, which I've found so useful.

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