Dog food recipes

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Dog food recipes

I know I could post this on a more appropriate website, but I'd rather ask you lot!

I have a 3 year old border terrier with a cereal allergy. I currently feed him a mix of a third mince (lamb or beef), a third rice and a third mixed veg. If he turns his nose up, I squeeze some ketchup or BBQ sauce on I and a few basil leaves!!!! (The girls say his dinner looks better than theirs sometimes),

He likes liver which I bake and cube as treats, but I would appreciate any input from anyone who has experience. Of dog allergies and can give me some ideas to add a bit of variety into Sonny's diet .



Dog Food

As a dog walker and previously Guide Dog Puppy walker I would not fed dogs "human type " food . I would speak to the nutrition vet nurse or go to a specialist dog food shop .



Saffy , you really need to speak to the Vet.
One of our previous dogs had a cereal allergy , it caused his skin to itch , we used to have to buy food direct from the Vets .
It did stop his skin itching .

sam from worthing

dog dietary needs

you really need vet advice. You don;t necessarily need to buy the food from the vet - but most privately owned pet shops and the big chain types stock a variety of dog dietary foods - most dried dog food.

My bitza collie has a gluten problem.

My local teeny pet shop sells gluten free dried dog, and it costs 28.00 for a huge sack - which lasts 8 weeks.

She gets carrots tomotoes and lettuce - which also helps the dead patches on the grass, and stops her eating the grass with slug and snail trails on.

she gets the odd pig ear/snout and gluten free bonio's, and the odd bit of roast chicken and the odd pork chop bone.

As yours have a cereal allergy - do watch the sauces you put on the food you are giving him - as they may include cereal prouducts and also may contain onion and garlic traces - which are posonious to dogs.

Your vet will probably recommend a Hill's product - but you can get like for like on cheaper ranges.

You will have to introduce a new diet slowly and gradually - and he turns his nose up - tough - take his food bowl up, and try again an hour or so long as clean/fresh water is available it will be fine - unless he doesn't eat for 2 days then it will be back to the drawing board - and more advice from the vet.

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