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Foodie mags

I know we often talk about the cooks and cook books we find inspiring but I was wondering what foodie mags everyone enjoys? My favourite is definitely Delicious and I also think the food pages in Woman & Home are very good. Both Good Housekeeping and BBC Good Food have gone off the boil I would say.

Essex Girl


I've been subscribing to Good Food for a few years now and then pass it on to my daughter. It does have a lot of adverts in it though and I keep thinking I'll give it up! I used to have Olive too but stopped it last year. I also subscribe to Woman and Home Feel Good Food and also Good to Know Recipes which both have plenty of recipes and ideas in them, with very few adverts.

Dottie May

Foodie mags

I don't subscribe to them any more but I do buy 'Woman's Weekly' and 'My Weekly on a regular basis and always enjoy the recipe sections in both. I also go on line to check out their respective recipe collections.

The Cat's Mother

Foodie Magazines

I am lucky enough to have a couple of magazine subscriptions as presents at Christmas time. I have Sainsbury's Magazine and Good Housekeeping. I really look forward to them arriving each month here in France - they keep me up to date and remind me of the friends that gave them to me as presents. Everything is available on line of course, but there is nothing nicer than settling down with a cup of tea and a real magazine!!

Esther R

Foodie mags

I like Good Food and Delicious. I also buy Easy Cook and Essentials. That's on a good month. On a bad month I buy a few more!!!!

sam from worthing

Monthly food magazines

I used to buy on subscribtion Good food magazine - but things being the way they are, haven't renewed this years subscription.

Mainly, I do love the way the mag is laid out, the articles are in my opinion relevant - however, i do feel that the magazine has "dumbed" down a little over the last 18 months or so, But, i do like how it gives great meal ideas using widely available ingredients from pretty much all supermarkets, but i feel its lost its way, although like i say many ingredients, in fact almost all are readily availble - but some are on the tad expensive side, and i can see they are trying to market the working man/woman maybe with a family, and to give wonderful meal ideas.. but for me, it has lost its sparkle a little bit its just gone a bit staid, maybe too many foodie mags about vying for possibly a small market - i am thinking the supermarkets own magazines may feature more?

I do get the odd sainsburys mag - courtesy of my mum.

Olive for me is far to pretencious. (sp)

I do also get my monthly/bi monthly slimming world magazines (more for inspiration really) as i now cook from following SW basis a low fat cooking style.


Foodie Mags

Like you Sam, I find the Slimming World mags have loads of recipes, follow a good healthy regime, and are informative, more so than lots of "foodie" mags.

I also have a bi annual magazine delivered now called "Good Taste"
which is a regional Lincolnshire one and is packed full of information of local produce and some lovely recipes.

You can be sent free copy bi annually of Spring/Simmer and Autumn/Winter just by contacting them and emailing your address.


Good Taste

I agree that the Lincolnshire magazine Good Taste is worth watching out for. The recipes, links to food producers and tips are excellent.

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