Satisfying Day Yesterday

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Dottie May

Satisfying Day Yesterday

Weather perfect - roads very busy so stayed home. Got the garden incinerator out of the garage. Went through loads of old papers, invoices, old files etc and had a good old "burn up". Rain is promised for later today so will make an early start for another "burn up" today. What have you been doing with your long weekend?


Bank Holiday

Oooo, weeding, weeding and more weeding. After the bitterly cold start to the year, the weeds were slow to germinate, but now they've grown like Tospy and we just can't keep up with them! So made the most of the good weather and just got on with it.

It's not all bad though, our day (Saturday and Sunday) culminated in sitting on the patio (chiminea blazing away) having a barbecue on Saturday and a Roast yesterday (not many through yet, but had a few of the first asparagus of the year) with a bottle of red to take away the aches and pains of our labours.

Today could be more of the same. Just in for a coffee and then back out there. Make hay while the sun shines.

H x

Esther R

Satisfying Day yesterday

My husband and son are off to watch cricket today. I am going to work later and I worked yesterday. However, I only do sessional work and really enjoy my job and meeting up with my colleagues. Beats watching cricket as far as I am concerned!

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