Delia's comments on MasterChef, etc

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Delia's comments on MasterChef, etc

Just read what Delia has to say about this programme. In part, I agree with her. However it is a competition and I'm certain that all the potential chefs are briefed in great detail before agreeing to enter where they know what to expect, especially if they've seen the show before. I observe how these people get better and better during the competition and it does my heart good. I'm an avid viewer. We only see what the editors want to show us. We don't really know what goes on behind the scenes, do we?
I do agree with Delia about all these cooking programmes becoming very showbiz, including The Hairy Bikers but they are good and I already have one of their books.
What do you think?


Delia on MasterChef

Hi T'do. TV is essentially entertainment rather than educational though quite a few (especially Oz and some US) progs for younger viewers have a strong message - drink, drugs, behaviour, showing respect for others so you get a sort of edutainment. Since most is commercial these days it must appeal to a wide enough audience. I hate Eastenders, Coronation Street ALL soccer (sorry Delia :) ) and so on, while probably the majority love it.

I quite enjoy the later Masterchefs - the semi finals and finals. It's irrelevant to my cooking - I have no intention of being a chef in a restaurant even if I had that talent (which I don't) but it's fun to see some of the dishes in vogue, what they're about and how they're made. It's entertaining (to me). To watch Delia make a sponge is not (to me) very entertaining - neither is watching a YouTube video on how to sharpen the chain on a chainsaw - but when I want to bake a sponge or sharpen a saw, I go to Delia (for the sponge) and YouTube (for the saw).

So I think the answer is that they are entirely different things. Delia teaches how to do something, Masterchef, while it is informative to some extent, is entertainment, fly-on-the-wall albeit it edited and produced to make it entertaining, and a fun competition between people we like or don't like.

I don't watch the Hairy Bikers so can't comment. My stepson has learnt to cook from Jamie vids and cooks really well. I think Jamie suits him better than Delia would for the time being at least. When he wants Christmas cake or spotted dick, he'll probably graduate to Delia. Though not greatly to my taste, I think that Jamie has inspired a whole generation to cook from scratch instead of buy a M&S 'Dinner for Two' in a cardboard box with a sell-by date and I take my hat off to him.

Delia has also, over two generations, and still going strong.

Queen of Puds

Masterchef etc

I watch most cookery programmes just to keep up with the current trends on ingredients & presentation, to denounce the presenters as incompetent (not Delia I hasten to add) and for pure entertainment.

I have also variously watched shows on Food Network & loathe most of the USA fodder, although there are some that I do enjoy - e.g Ace of Cakes - for the designs & the laugh they have. I could list the TV chefs I can't abide, but we all have different tastes - can't stand to watch Nigel Slater for example, Ina Garten irritates the life out of me, Nigella can be annoying some of the time, ditto Jamie O & the Bikers & rather sadly think Antonio Carluccio is well past it. I do like James Martin, I love Raymond Blanc's accent & the way his Head Chef seems to know more than he does & I miss the 2 Fat Ladies. But time & again I would come back to Delia. Because we know she will tell us what works with no nonsense!

But going back to Masterchef, I am afraid that Greg Wallace is about as annoying as a man can be who presents a cookery 'show' yet cannot actually cook. I just don't get it. Any fool can eat on camera & that's all he ever does!

Dottie May

Delia's comments on MasterChef etc.

I also agree with Delia's comments and have enjoyed reading all the members comments submiitted, most of which I agree with. I enjoy the Hairy Bikers and also the meals that Nigel Slater produces, although there is something irritating about him, believe it is his mouth but poor chap can't help that!

Esther R

Delia's comments on MasterChef

I have only read her comments in an on-line article in the Guardian but I agree with what she says. I want to be a good home cook and have no aspirations to be a chef or serve cheffy food. MasterChef is entertainment,not really an instructive cookery programme for everyday. It is not on the whole the sort of food I would like to eat. I like the Hairy Bikers and Lorraine Pascall. I also like Xanthe Clay and one of her books is my favourite cookery book of all times for everyday cooking.

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