Cream makers

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Cream makers

For those of you who live in countries where you can't get whipping or double cream, have you thought of trying to get a Bel Cream Maker, or a Kenwood Chef Creamer attachment. (Both often available on E-Bay)
There is also a way of making whipping cream in a liquidiser, if I remember rightly it's 4 fl ozs full cream milk to 4 ozs unsalted butter, melt the butter gently in the milk and beat it like mad in the liquidiser, this should emulsify it and turn it into cream.



This is a recipe I have had for many, many years.

"100ml/4oz warm milk 150g/5oz just melted unsalted butter (double cream) OR 100g/4 oz unsalted butter
(whipping cream) OR 75g/3 oz unsalted butter (single or pouring cream)

Put ingredients in the work bowl of the food processor and process until fully blended. Chill before
use, then stir or whip as required.

Makes about 225ml/8oz cream "


Cream makers

I tried that in Europe a while back. Most continental butter is 'lactic' though I could get natural in Mercadona in Spain as an own brand. I never found natural unsalted in Italy though it's probably available. In France, President do a natural unsalted that is available almost everywhere. To my taste it isn't worth doing - but it's a personal thing - and pretty horrid (to my taste) with lactic butter.

What I've found all over Europe when asking for 'natural' cream is that the locals direct you to some kind of soured or altered product and swear blind that it's 'pure fresh natural cream' - which it ain't! They just don't use cream. I'm sure there are exceptions - I think you can in Germany, probably Holland, Denmark,....but not France, Italy, Spain or Portugal.

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