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Dark Ginger

Thought this was well deserved of a new post, to say absolutely brilliant news, losing 5 stone and giving up smoking all since last August....

You are an inspiration to us all who are trying to either lose weight, or pack in the dreaded weed. It can be done with some determination.

It has certainly inspired me to try again to lose some weight.

thanks, and Well Done again x


Yummy - thanks again!

That was SO nice of you to post :) I can't quite believe I've done what I've myself :) It's really helped that I've been able to indulge my inner foodie throughout the process - OK, so I don't (often) eat bread, pastry, cakes etc. - but I can still have my Sunday roast meats, steaks, cooked breakfasts, wonderful cheeses and charcuterie at that place in Brighton, cream sauces and so on. It's not been a struggle, and I really don't feel in the slightest bit deprived. I think that's the secret of success - to avoid feeling hard done by or that it's unfair that you can't eat 'whatever' and everyone else seems to be able to.

What *really* helped me was reading a book called 'Why We Get Fat (and what to do about it)' by Gary Taubes. It explains the way that hormones such as insulin work, and why we get hungry and make bad food choices as a result. It takes away the feeling that you're a 'bad' person because you eat the wrong things, and explains that losing weight has nothing to do with willpower, and everything to do with managing your blood sugar levels. Highly recommended!

The next step is to work on fitness levels - if I ever stay in the same country for more than 2 weeks at a time it'd help (going back and forth to the UK to look after my Dad at the moment). Every time I hit Ireland it seem the heavens open and the gales begin - been drenched twice today just exercising the dogs. Hopefully summer will turn up one day, and I can get out on the bike a bit!

Still got around 10 lbs to go to goal, but it'll happen in time - this is not a 'diet' with an end point, it's a way of eating for life :)

sam from worthing


many well dones....i admire your strength at carrying on with your goals, despite some very frustrating times i am sure.

it is so easy to fall down the devils trap of cheese on toast etc.

more espcially well done on the ciggie front.

I am really trying to be able to mee t up with you again in the next month or so. hopefully James will be chaperone, lol.

Essex Girl

Dark Ginger

Agree with Yummy and Sam. I certainly noticed the difference last time we met for a couple of months' ago. You're an inspiration DG! It would be good to organise another meet up again soon before you disappear!

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