Bechamel disaster!

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Bechamel disaster!

So annoyed last night! Wrestling with awful old kitchen as house renovations continue. Expecting guests for weekend so to make life easier have planned to pre make fish pie for Friday and lasagne for Saturday. Made the lasagne last night and made double amount bechamel required to use to make the fish pie tonight! Burned the whole lot, tasted disgusting and had to pour nearly 4 pints worth down the sink! Really hard to regulate temperature on the old metal electric plates.


Becchamel Sauce

Hi Pantastic, (Love your copper saucepan avatar by the way), Have you tried making your bechamel over a hot water bath. It will take longer than doing it over direct heat, but should turn out O.K.
I do sympathise with your problems.

John S.

Bechamel Sauce

Simple and quick to make in the microwave, so quick that you will have the sauce made before you get the pan warmed up on the hob.
Bechamel is a mother sauce, used as the base for many other sauces, I make it very often as a base for cheese sauce and parsley sauce.
There are tons of recipes for the microwave method online.


White sauce

Absolutely agree with you. I never make it on the hob now. The micro method is quick and lump free.
I can't think of any way white sauce can taste disgusting, unless you didn't cook the butter and flour sufficiently.
Surely it could have been rescued. I abhor that sort of waste.

Essex Girl

Microwaving Sauces

I do actually enjoy making bechamel sauce on the hob but always make "proper" custard in the microwave.

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