Kindness & consideration.

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Kindness & consideration.

I see that Noreen has posted just now,
Asking that our posts be considered & kind,
We should refrain from being unkind,
People's feelings we should bear in mind.

Sounds like a great idea to me,
Feelings should certainly be spared,
Way back in the early days of this site ,
For each other we really cared.

So many friendships on here were born ,
Many have grown with each passing day,
We can be polite & considerate ,
and still manage to always have our say.

Without a doubt life is way too short ,
For spreading bad feeling each day,
Aim to bring a smile , not a frown ,
As you visit the site every day.

Gravy Queen 1

Kindness and Consideration

Spot on Anastasia , and a poem always brings a smile !

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