Bucket List for 'Big 60'

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Bucket List for 'Big 60'

I'm 60 on Cup Final Day and I will be away on holiday celebrating it,(especially if the right team get to the final) and I do know that when it finally happens I will be ok because I am blessed with good health and a wonderful husband but the mere thought of reaching this milestone just squashes me, a bit like the end is nigh....

If my mum had been here she would have repeated the same old words that would have made me laugh and get some balance which would have been 'your only a baby yet'..... some baby but I think I need a plan and some goals to aim for.

I might live to regret this but any suggestions?


Big 60

Lilablu, your age is just a bunch of figures on a piece of paper. How old are you on the inside? That's the important bit.
The thing is, you made it! Enjoy this milestone, as you call it. It's not all over just because you've reached a certain mature age. I've been where you are now and some wonderful things have happened to me since. Life is pretty good.



That sounds promising, I once read a poem called 'wearing purple' and the gist of it is when you reach this certain age you are allowed to stop behaving and do exactly as you wish obviously without hurt to anyone. its kind of like after being 59 years old you revert to 5 years and 9 months and the world belongs to you again. I think I might dig it out and stick it on my fridge door as I'm in it often enough it will be a good reminder for me. Thanks for your thoughts.


Lilablue, it's by Jenny Joseph

from the 1960s I recall.

Daisy Chain

It's only a number....

Well, ok, it is a big number but that doesn't mean you're over the hill. Lost of things are open to you now- a free bus pass for one. You can possibly now have time to do the things you never had time for before.Just after my big milestone birthday I flew to Hong Kong, a lifelong ambition, had a ride in a hot air balloon and saw the Taj Mahal. Get your purple hat and red dress on,Girl, and go for it! Daisy x



Well I'm not sure about Hong Kong for me personally but the rest sounds fabulous, so I've decided to go for it. General opinion seems to be life starts here so I'll wave to you from my balloon when I pass!

sam from worthing

60 years young bucket list.

climb a tree.

go scrumping.

steal pick & mix sweets.

go indoor sky diving.

go skinny dipping.

go paragliding.

swim with dolphins.

make a souffle.

go on a "march" for rights.

go camping.

contact an old school friend.

eat something you never would normally, like snails, or offal.

if you haven;t already, go to another country that involves flying.

walk up ben nevis.

see the northern lights.

do route 66.

oh the list could be endless.....

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