Belly pork, cooked in milk

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Queen of Puds

Belly pork, cooked in milk

Followed Annabel Langbein's recipe having heard it mentioned on Sat kitchen. You roast it off at very high heat for 30m, then turn it down to 160 deg & pour milk around it, to come up the side of the meat & cook for another 2.5 hrs.

Did it work? Yes, the meat was tender & the crackling crisp - but then it always is!?

Worse though, is that you lose all the pork juices & fat, because the curdy brown mess in the tin has to be chucked away, so you don't even have anything to make the gravy. So I shan't bother with that again. I also thought it was a waste of milk. :-(

Are any of her recipes any good?

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