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I am new to the site, but would love to find easy recipes to cook with kids. Things they want to eat, but not endless cakes and biscuits. Also a bit more realistic than the article in the times at the weekend!!



Pizza is always a good one.

Bases are easy to make, or you could do it in advance but the fun is in the decorating, making faces or pictures etc.

Probably not cooking in the sense you actually mean but it is fun, gets kids in the kitchen, and also encourages them to eat various foods they have selected as toppings for their work of art.

I've done it several times and it's always been fun and kids love to eat their own creations.



Pizzas for kids

James's idea is good, as it gets them into yeast cookery and you could make enough dough for rolls at the same time.

Noreen, Board Moderator

Easy recipes for children

We did macaroni cheese and ragu with ours, and to this day they still make them, they are now 23 and 26!


Children cooking

I bought my grandson a children's cook book. It's quite a good one with a mixture of savoury and sweet dishes, unfortunately he preferred cooking the sweet dishes. My grandson is severely dyslexic so I chose a book that was quite pictorial and easy to follow. I taught my children to make a ragu, jacket potatoes, etc. and progressed onto to more difficult things. When they went to uni I bought them a student cookbook to help them.

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