Shop bought soups

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Shop bought soups

I don't normally buy ready made soups, much preferring home made, but I picked up one of the Glorious Skinny Soups. Goan Tomato & Lentil, and it's bloom' delish.

Highly recommend and will try some of the other range out.

sam from worthing

shop brought soups

like you saffy, i rarely buy shop brought soups - preferring to make my own.

but a few months back - it was too good to pass up on tins of heinz, 50p each. I do actually wish i had brought more at the time - as the offers throughout the supermarkets only lasted a week.

Essex Girl


I buy them now and then to keep in the fridge as a stand-by especially when I've been out for the day and have nothing prepared. What I do is add other things such as onions, beans, lentils etc, depending on the flavour. Seems home-made then!



I buy them occasionally as I do love soup, but I find it hard to find ones without onion in!

It's also my comfort food. As a kid, when poorly, I was always given a tin of Sainsburys oxtail soup and factory dreadful sliced which bread. I still love it! Sainsburys did a "new and improved" recipe for their oxtail soup though and its horrid, and they added onion to it, just to spite me! So now I have to buy Heinz. There is always a tin in the cupboard for emergencies!

Sam, Heinz tins are 50p each in my local Waitrose at the moment, well, 6 for £3 so thats 50p each.

I do think there are some good quality fresh soups on the market though. M&S do a really lovely tomato and basil one.

Sue G


When i lived in the UK, & it was just the two of us, then yes i bought them. Hubby & i only ever used to eat together on a Sunday night & Monday due to work.

I would buy the Convent Garden soup, used to love the Carrot & Coriander. Only tin soup i used to buy was the tin tomato or the condensed Creamy Chicken Soup, this one was good for making a quick sauce.

Only ever make my own soup now.
Only in the last few years you see Packet soup in the shops, before that it was only ever the Dried Soup you mixed with water.

Home made Soup is quite big in France.

queen jean


when we buy any tinned soup im having to read the labels to make sure theres no onions in,and thats so annoying because most of them have onions in so not much choice it seems .grrrrr .


Shop bought soups

Now Saffs, you know I really do not like soup at all (but have it for lunch when trying to cut down on the calories). However, I'll let you into a little secret... if I have to eat soup I would prefer it to be homemade... but there is one fresh supermarket one that I really do quite like (don't tell the others)... Waitrose Moroccan Chicken soup (big chunks of chicken in it)... I really do think that one is not half bad.

H xx

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