Snowy Poem for you

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Snowy Poem for you

Silence of the Snow

Mother Nature has gone to bed
Pulled the snow white duvet over her head
Set her “World Aware” alarm clock upon the shelf
Mother Nature is healing herself

The sky is pinkish, greenish, grey
“More snow up there” is what folks say.
Children squeal, faces aglow,
Excited voices pierce the silence of the snow

Skiing, Sliding Tobogganing, riding
Cars are skidding, their drivers cursing.
But the snow’s pure beauty surpasses all
As the pure, perfect snowflakes continue to fall.

As the world falls silent under the blanket of snow
The alarm clock will ring, and bulbs will emerge, the sun will shine and the snow disappear
Underneath there is life, awaiting new birth, Flowers spring forth and colour our earth


Silence of the Snow

I'm liking that Yummy. You compiled this?


Snowy Poem, - Thistledo

"I'm liking that Yummy. You compiled this?"

Yes I did, lots more.....well not LOTS !! ;)
Anastasia is normally the Poet on here, and now we feel like we can post them on Coffee Break, you should see some more x


Another "Snowy" one for you

Seems quite relevent at the moment!

Oh, The Joys !!!!

To-ing, Fro-ing
Hither, Thither

Minds a’ jangling
Nerves a’ quiver

Slipping, Sliding
Swerving, Gliding

Joys of Winter
Joys of Driving

All this snow,
All this stress

Will we get there?
It’s anyone’s guess

By plane, by train, by tunnel or ferry
Forget the “Peace and Goodwill and be Merry”

Motorways closed, the whole country’s insane
Yes, It’s Wintertime on the roads again !!!

Esther R

Snowy Poems

Thanks for the snowy poems and it's nice to be reminded that spring is not far away. I really do not like snow at all unless I am safely at home (and all my family are at home) looking at it out of a window.

I am looking forward to reading some more poems. I am glad we have changed the title to Coffee Break x


Topical poem.

We are all so obsessed with the weather,
Snow in Winer , oh such a farce.
I enjoy walking out in a blizzard ,
But hate it when I slip & fall on my A**e.

Gone are the days when I would play out,
Throw snowballs all the day long,
Sadly health & safety has now decreed ,
Throwing snowballs is oh so wrong!!

Schools are now closed when one inch of snow ,
Is lying soft on the ground.
Kids kept in at playtime , not allowed to have fun,
So many stupid rues now abound.

As I type the snow is still falling ,
Igloos & snowmen are many to see,
It's time Brussels cancelled all rules ,
And allowed our school kids to be free.

My two young men must spend all day in school ,
Not allowed to go outside at all ,
Wrapped in cotton wool every day ,
This is incase they should fall..


Biggles !

Snowy Poems

What beautiful poems, thank you. Thoroughly enjoyed reading them all xx

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