Lunch today ?

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Lunch today ?

Have got my Grandsons home from school today , So a hearty lunch will be needed when they finally come in from playing in the snow.
We are going to have sweet potato chrizo soup with large chunks of garlic bread .
Got a big bag of sweet potato to use up , so that is where the idea came from.
Have made it many times , often put chicken in with it , depends what I have in the fridge.
What are you all having for lunch today ?


Lunch today?

Sounds like a win win situation there Anastasia. No school for the boys and you get an unexpected day with your grandsons. They'll appreciate a hearty lunch when they come in.

I will be having Moroccan Chicken Soup... ;o)I deserve no praise, it's Waitroses. I would love a big chunk of garlic bread, but I'm trying to reduce my daily intake at the moment.

H x

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