How is your High Street doing ?

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How is your High Street doing ?

With so many household names going under thought it may be interesting to see what is happening in your area.

Sue G

How is your High Street doing

We live in a village, last count there was just under 900 of us. In the old days about 25 years ago there used to be a butcher, baker who also sold shop items, plumber and electric, post office and Mairie (townhall) Now we just has combined a Mairie & post office.

In the first village where we lived 5 years ago they have about 10 different shops, you can still see the amount of old shop there used to be as they were turned into houses but the shop fronts were not allowed to be changed. At one point about 40 years ago there were over 45 business with less people living there, under a thousand today they have over 2.500 people living there.

10 mintues in a car you come to a small twon with 4 different supermarkets.

Village life is dying at a fast rate in France.

Sue G

How is your high street doing

Should be town
Cant spell on the Table fingers to big


High Street.

I have to say we are pretty fortunate here.

We do have too many coffee shops including that awful new Tesco one and far too many estate agents however, we also have:

2 butchers
2 green grocers
1 Fish shop - which has won awards
4 bakeries - but I won't go into Greggs or Percy Ingles, they only sell tat. We also have Gails - very expensive and Dunns which came in the top 5 last year for best baker in the country

Food shop wise we have a small and pretty useless Tesco that I don't use.

Waitrose - really badly organised and you have to Q for ages but I do use it and then do the self service thing.

M&S Simply Food which is OK.

Budgens, which is nothing like how I remember Budgens being when I was a kid. This one is quite posh, lots of local food from small producers and they even grow organic veg and herbs etc on the roof!

We also have a few independent gift shops etc, and are pretty OK for places to eat out. Excellent local Chinese and Indian places.

Oh, and also an Italian Deli. It used to be a big Deli with a small eat in area but the eating in seems to have been more popular so its now mainly an eat in place but still stocks the essentials.

So, as I said, I think we are OK here!

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