shopping online or instore

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shopping online or instore

Last year I probably did 90% of my grocery shopping online - I work full time and it certainly is time efficient.

But I just went through last year's bills and was quite shocked at how much I'd spent. Putting food inflation out of the way, I was constantly adding extra things to my baskets to get over the delivery charge threshold, adding in extra deliveries because I wasn't making proper lists and missing things off.

I haven't had a delivery since we moved out of our old house. We've been camping at various friend's houses plus we were away for Christmas but even factoring that in, I think by shopping instore and kicking the online habit I have spent nearly 50% less! How scary is that? The way forward i think - i have a new kitchen to save up for!

violet eyes

online or instore

I thought you were meant to save money buy shopping online as you didn't put unwanted items in the trolly. I've never used online shopping.
Shopping in Aldi saves a load of money. The shops are busier than ever and it's hard to find a space to park sometimes. We saw a Bently in ours once.

Grannie Cool

Shopping on-line or in-store.

I have often toyed with the idea of shopping on line, purely because I am wheelchair bound shopping-wise. However, my otherhalf is very good and goes by "the list" and rarely does a 'impulse buy' unless it's flowers (bless). After reading your post, I think I will keep it that way.
I have heard in the past that things in the on-line order, one has been sent things one did not want.
Having said that, I had a neighbour who were a family of six, and she swore by it, using it to buy all the heavy goods. And I am sure if you are working all week and pressed for time, it might work. You pays your money and you takes your choice!!!!!


shopping online or instore

We're also unable to shop instore. Online has come into its own. Our drivers are so helpful and obliging at the front door. Yes, they do make mistakes but you don't have to pay for their mistakes. They refund you on anything you don't want without question. I ordered a beef sirloin joint the other week, as it was reduced and I selected a certain weight, totalling just over £11. When it arrived, it was £21 with a much higher weight! Not a problem after the appropriate phonecall. They simply refund the difference and you get to keep their 'mistake'.

Sue G

shopping online or instore

I never shop online
even when we lived closer to the city always went to the shops.

do try to go while the kids are at ecole, that way i only buy what we really need

shop at Lidl's for pasta/rice/couscous & things plus veg which is find cheaper there than the large supermarkets
go to Carrefour for meat a fish

even when we lived in London and both worked really late i alway went to sainsbury on the way home


shopping online or instore

I might allow myself one a month for the heavy/bulky things but apart from that will shop. I probably need a list of all those things and tick them off as they run out so I know what I need


Store for me.

I have never done my grocery shop online , I love going to the superstore once a week or sometimes 10 days.
I am a sensible shopper , used to be very wasteful , but when hubby stopped work , my habits changed .
My son does his shopping online for about 7 weeks , then he will go to the store one week.he likes to see what is new on the shelves.
I am always at my Sons house to take delivery of the grocery shop , & also to put it away (single Dad), & I am very impressed as the shopping is almost always accurate..
He shops at Tesco , & the service is excellent.
I imagine the online service is excellent for people who work full time like my Son , but I am happy to resist the lure of online grocery shopping, but of course I have the time.

Essex Girl

Shopping Instore

Our local supermarkets are close by so I have no need to buy groceries on line - and really do like to choose fruit and veg myself. Some of the dates on milk, too, vary by several days and I don't want to be buying their older stock!



I love online shopping and cannot understand anyones resistance to it. It simply rocks!

As for older dates, that's not an issue, E.G. Sainsurys for example guarantee that you receive the product with the longest date for fresh foods. Never had a problem.

Yes, you get the odd substitution but its never a big deal and they make it very easy to reject it if you don't approve.


shopping online

James and Anastasia are both right - I never had any issue with quality of service or the products supplied, it was more I became over reliant on it and ended up spending far more than I needed to.


Online/ instore

I do both. All the boring stuff online, fresh food instore.


Local shops

Use them or lose them.

I avoid supermarkets for meat because of their abbatoir practices. How right I was! The local butcher has better quality meat, cheaper, more choice of cuts, greater variety of meats, good supply of free-range, and I can specify the quantity I want.
I avoid supermarket fruit and veg, because it is often poor quality and limited in choice, and often pre-wrapped with silly 'best before' dates on it.
I pity people who are limited to making most of their food purchases in the supermarket or on-line.

Fiona C

Life in Germany

Here in Germany no home delivery or online shopping service is offered by supermarkets and all shops close on Sunday.Germans tend to shop for fresh food every couple of days and only use their freezers for staples (potato products, pizzas etc) and they eat well and healthily. Fast food is available but there is very little litter about and although Germans smoke like chimneys (cigarette machines available on every street corner)they are very aware of their environment and keep it nice - I have never seen a butt outside the local pubs. Somehow everyone manages to organise sufficient food for themselves but Britis find it an affront that the shops are not open to suit their wishes. The area in which I live is dominated by the British Army so the local shops stock lots of British products at much lower prices than the various specialist local and online stores and employ bilingual English -German speakers (all of whom want to practise their English) but Brits tend to stick with what they know, even if it is to their detriment. Most of the people shopping at my local NAAFI on Sunday (when I go in for the UK papers) are Brits who fill their trolley with Iceland items and complain about the lack of white bread on the shelves. They even buy milk and veggies there even though all grades of milk and all sorts of veggies are easily available in all the local shops at much cheaper prices. Sadly I can always tell if a British family is in any of my local supermarkets - the crying child and yelling parent always give them away.


Shopping online or instore

I used to food shop online regularly. Shopping has never been a task that I've enjoyed so being able to sit in the comfort of my own home and do my shopping was a no brainer for me. However, there is a supermarket on my way home from work so I now pop in and pick up what I need there and do the majority of my weekly shopping in the local Aldi. I wouldn't say my shopping habits or spending has changed significantly.

I tend to puchase most other items online (except clothes) these days as it is so much more convenient. No exhorbitant parking costs and I can compare prices at the click of a button. Furniture, lighting and decorative items I prefer to see in "the flesh" though.

Gravy Queen 1

Shopping online

I have been shopping online for years now . I buy everything I need with no problems . It's just so convenient ,and even when the weather has been really bad my trusty little Tesco van has always turned up .

I have shopped around but stuck with Tesco now as they proved to have the most reliable service . The worst I had was Ocado it was like a relationship that went sour, started so lovely with high hopes and wanted to throttle them by the end of it .

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