Veggies/sides with a roast

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Veggies/sides with a roast

I'm a member of a Facebook group about Sunday pub lunches - they review them, and recommend (or not) them to others. I've also had a few pub Sunday lunches myself recently whilst in the UK, so I think I'm au fait with recent pub roast trends.

My question is this: which veggies/sides would you like to see served with a traditional Sunday roast (pork, lamb, beef or chicken)? Nearly all pubs seem to be doing roast potatoes (fine), Yorkshire puds (also fine), but then they go off on a red cabbage/green cabbage/swede pur&"233;e/courgette type thing - I want to see carrots, sprouts, peas, cauliflower, green beans and roast parsnips! I also want them served in a separate dish so we can all help ourselves to the ones we like best without having to shift things from plate to plate.

Maybe I'm just getting old and picky!


My choice

I would like the following.
Roast potatoes,
Yorkshire pudding.
Roast Parsnips.

Hubby would like potatoes ,
Yorkshire pudding.

I like to be able to help myself from an assortment of veg.

Queen of Puds

Veggies/sides with a roast

I must admit that if I'm having a roast I generally want traditional. But for me that means yorkshires with roast beef only, & I do like to see peas or beans, broccoli or cauliflower, and roast parsnips - but then I am also partial to mashed swede & a dish of sweetcorn. But I can't stand carrots, I hate any veg that is overcooked & I don't like cauliflower cheese if it is to be served on the same plate as gravy (makes me feel quite ill). And I also prefer sep serving dishes for veg & lastly, I'm in the 'no mash' camp I'm afraid.


veg/sides with roasts

" & I don't like cauliflower cheese if it is to be served on the same plate as gravy (makes me feel quite ill). And I also prefer sep serving dishes for veg "

Queen of Puds, I feel quite ill reading about the cauli/cheese/gravy.
Agree about separate veg. Hate being handed plates of food anyway.
My visitors help themselves. I'll carve a bit of meat to start them off, then they take whatever veg and more meat they want.

Esther R

Vegetables/sides with a roast

What I hate is a plate piled up with Yorkshires, roast potatoes and boiled potatoes, mounds of vegetables and swamped with gravy. I agree Darkginger that they should be served separately so people can choose.

I recently chose the vegetarian option which was mushrooms en croute. This was served on a bed of red cabbage so the pastry had a soggy bottom. The plate was also piled high with roast and boiled potatoes, other vegetables and a Yorkshire pudding!


veg/sides with roast

Love cauli cheese mixing in with lashings of gravy (extra gravy in gravy boat please) and plenty of mash, bring it on! Oh, and yorkies with all meats. x


Veg. with roast.

Essex Girl

Veggies with roast

It's the vegetables I enjoy most, just about anything apart from turnip and fennel and I like to help myself on to a plate with very little meat.



Personally, when I cook for guests, I do as Gerry says. Pop some meat on to a plate and let people help themselves to what they want. not everyone like everything, and there is no bad feeling if someone does not take some of one of the veggies simply because they are not keen. It all balances out.

I do find some really odd additions to Sunday roast though.

Cauliflower cheese? It just does not go. Horrid food at the best of times but with a roast? Nope. I never do it. It's just beyond odd.

I also do not understand two types of potato with one meal either. Just like when you read a pub menu and they do cottage pie with chips. ODD!!!!!

Yorkies, well, they just go with all roast dinners for me. The best bit. Least fave bit is the meat actually, not that interested in all honesty.

For me, a roast dinner is meat, roast potatoes, 4/5 types of veg, stuffing, yorkies or suet pudding, sometimes a sausage in bacon, but not always. Yum yum!!!!



Queen of Puds

odd things with roasts

And they do sometimes serve potatoes in a gratin in addition to roast, or creamed leeks - again, the creamy sauce/gravy thing. Heave.

Like mashed potato with baked beans on the same plate at school, double heave.

Dottie May

Veggies/sides with a roast

I hate a dish already plated up with meat/veg/gravy. My selection of veg definitely in a separate dish would be Broccoli, Carrots, Peas, Sprouts, Boiled and Roast Pots plus a jug of gravy. My favourite roasts are Beef with Yorkies and Chicken with Stuffing and Pigs in Blankets.


sides with a roast

I am terribly catholic in my tastes - i like roast spuds, roast parsnips, leeks and peas with everything. With a chicken, I also love bread sauce, apple jelly and a sausage. With pork, apple jelly. With lamb, a little bit of mint sauce. With beef, horseradish, mustard and a yorkshire pudding. Love Delia's horseradish, mustard and creme fraiche sauce. I would never put a yorkie with anything apart from roast beef. And yes, think the whole cream thing with a roast is too much. As I loathe cauliflower anyway, cauliflower cheese would be the worst thing I could find on my plate.

Esther R

Cauliflower cheese

Nothing to do with veg with roasts but when staying with some relatives recently we were served cauliflower cheese with chicken in curry sauce and new potatoes. I thought that was an odd combination. Each to his own!

sam from worthing

veggies/sides with a roast dinner.

cauliflower cheese and a roast dinner - NO NO NO NO NO!!!

cauliflower cheese served with sausages or pork chops, yes. NOT with gravy, yuck.

I also don't understand mashed potatoes with a roast dinner.

Roast Spuds, or minted new potatoes.

carrots, brocoli, cauli, sprouts, leeks, courgette, cabbabge, peas, runner beans, french beans, mashed swede, roast parsnips love them all.

Yorkies with any roast.

Stuffing with chicken and pork.

And sin of all sins, I do have a stash of gravy granules in the cupboard for when i don't make real gravy, beef granules for beef and lamb, onion granules for pork or beef, chicken and veg gravy granules for chicken, turkey, pork roasts.

I only like sweetcorn with salads, or with a bit of fish.

I could eat a roast every single day (in the winter anyway).

If serving a roast for an occassion, i serve vegetables in seperate dishes and everyone tucks into how much they want of whatever they want, and the meat is always carved up on a platter with yorkies around the edge.

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