delias xmas cake

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delias xmas cake

Hi all just made Delias xmas cake been in oven now for 4 hrs it seems very greasey as anyone else had this problem? molly


Delia Christmas cake

Yes Molly I have had it seem greasy too. I used a springform tin and lots of fat seemed to ooze out into the baking tray below. The cake tasted fine though. Cool it, wrap it, feed it and enjoy it. chillie


Cake cooled hard?

I was just about to open a new thread and came across yours. I made two of Delias Xmas cakes today and they seemed to turn out perfect.

They left the oven very soft and springy but when they cooled they went hard all over!

Is this normal? Will they still be okay and moist inside?

I've fed and wrapped them anyway but would still appreciate any feedback!

Many thanks


Hard Christmas cake

I can put your mind at rest Dannyb that they will be fine when you cut them at Christmas. I feed mine regularly and they absorb enourmous quantities of brandy (like I do!) and always turn out moist and wonderfully flavoured from not only the feeding but from all the lovely ingredients. You won't be disappointed, but do remember to give them regular feeding. As I mentioned in another post, I dared to try someone elses recipe one Christmas and lived to regret it. This is a great recipe.

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