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Answers to Chat Questions

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Paradise Slices

Roger asks about Paradise Slices and I'm just wondering if this could be what he's looking for?

Hi Delia,Please Please how do you make Paradice slices,my friend in the U.S.A and I want to know Thank you Roger,Soham Ely. Cambs
- roger

Sorry Roger, I have never heard of them!

Paradise Slices

Line oblong tin with 6 ozs of short crust pastry. Spread thinly with jam. Spread over the following mixture:

4 ozs. caster sugar
3 – 4 ozs. margarine
1 egg (I used large)
1 teacup sultanas
2 tbsps. of chopped cherries (I probably used more, Mike thought too many)
2 tbsps. of almonds or walnuts (or as many as you like - I just used a bag full).
2 tbsps. ground rice **
2 tbsps. ground almonds
almond extract

Beat sugar, margarine and egg together; add fruits, nuts, ground rice and ground almonds and extract.

Spread over the top of the jam.

Bake No 4 Gas. Elec. 350 F. or 180 C. For 30 – 35 minutes.

When cool, sprinkle with caster sugar and cut into fingers or squares.

Good Luck……

**Found near the rice pudding rice in Tescos!

violet eyes

paradise slices

I might try that recipe Honey, sounds nice. I knew I'd seen the title of that recipe somewhere in my pile of cook books.
Found it in "Farmhouse Kitchen" book 3 from 1982. They called it Paradise Bars. It uses currants instead of sultanas and no nuts.
Watching that programme on tv in the afternoons brings back happy times.

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