Lovely Leftovers!

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Lovely Leftovers!

had some left over roast veg from Sunday lunch (couple spuds, some carrots, parsnips and squash) plus green beans and some chicken. Mashed all the veg up, added the chicken and green beans chopped up and added fresh green chilli and some cumin & coriander (whole spices roasted then ground). Squashed it all together into patties and then fried them. Made some yoghurt & cucumber dip and that was supper! Most satisfying.

love a good leftover!

sam from worthing

Lovely Leftovers

Hmmmm great bubble and squeak dish.

Having roast pork tonight, and that is what i am planning to do for Wednesdays tea - bubble of mixed mashed left over veggies, with slices of cold roast pork stirred through - but we shall have it with brown sauce.


Lovely leftovers

Have you ever tried Nasi Goreng Sam? It is an Indonesian rice dish and a favourite in our house for using up cold roast pork..

violet eyes


can't remember where I saw the recipe but all the sunday leftovers were made into a pie or pasties. That would be a cheap family meal.


Leftover pie

I think this is one I mentioned a couple of years ago. My neighbour's suggestion. I chuck all the leftovers - meat, veggies, spuds and gravy in and top with puff pastry.

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