Winter Collection

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sam from worthing

Winter Collection

soooooo, as the weather, in the UK has now turned to Autumn for sure now, thoughts turn to Delia's "Winter Collection"

What is your favourite recipe?

for me? 'tis a tad hard as this is my favourite, other than delias complete cookery course, book....


if i had to name but one dish..... or maybe 5???

french onion soup.

beef in designer beer.

steak and kidney pudding.



delias authentic ragu bolgnese.


Winter Collection

It is not actually that wintery a recipe but it does come from that book. I make the four nut chocolate brownies an awful lot - we love them. I use castar sugar instead of granulated though, prefer the texture. And sometimes i up the ingredients by 50% and cook for an extra 10 minutes if I am feeding a lot of people. I quite often make them if we have people for dinner and I cut them up and serve with lots of cheese instead of doing a 'proper' pud.


Winter Collection

For me it is the Black Bean Chilli with Avocado Salsa. I always say, there is chili and then there is Delia's chili. It really is well worth the effort and I always try to use the dried beans rather just opening tins.
We love Delia's Chicken Chili too and I make that even in the summer as it is so refreshing with the fresh salsa.
Glad you mention increasing the brownies recipe Pan-tastic. I hsve tried several brownie recipes and come back to this one each time. I will try increasing by 50% and baking extra time as they are always devoured almost before they get cold!

Gravy Queen 1

Winter Collection

Moroccan Chicken and Ragu - both on my menu for next weekend . In fact this post has made me dig my book out , so many great recipes in there .

Expat Badger


i was giving this book the glad eye last night - i've not done enough from it at all

we love the chilli and also the marmalade bread and butter pudding, and the carbonara is a fave of mine

must do some more from there now the weather has turned - we have a couple of cm of snow this morning so def time for the winter cook book!

violet eyes

winter collection

I used to make the oven baked wild mushroom risotto quite a lot until one day the pyrex dish broke while pouring the hot mixture in. Luckily there was only me in the kitchen at the time, it went all over the floor.
I do make the lemon layer cake often, that's always nice.

I will take a good look through the book and maybe find something I fancy.


Winter Collection.

It's not a book I've ever really got to grips with, it just seems so dated to me.

I am making beef in Guinness this evening though so winter food is well on the way.


Fish Wife

Winter Collection

Pork with 3 mustards is my most frequently cooked recipe from this book, it's a fab little recipe, though i usually use chicken breasts instead of pork.

Also like the apple, apricot and pecan loaf cake and I highly recommend the pork braised in cider vinegar sauce, delicious.

Finally, I love the salmon coulibiac from this book but it is quite a faff so only make very occasionally.

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