One of those days

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Sue G

One of those days

Forgot to wake the hubby up when the alarm went off at 6, i hit the clock and went back off to sleep. Finally woke up at 7.30. He wasn't happy.

Off to the supermarket to buy ingredients for cakes i have to make for tomorrow, when i discovered i had left the car lights on all night, luckily the farmer from down the road was just passing in his car and jumped started mine for me.

Decided to cheat as they had a special offer on packet cake mix, (they are only for kids) just need to add eggs & cream.

Couldn't find the cheap tins of pineapple so paid 3.00 for a tin plus 2.50 for dried fruit.

Yesterday they had no round cake tins for sale in the shop, so i put one packet of the ready mix cake in a loaf tin, got ready the ingredients to do Honeys Fruits & pineapple cake.

Opened the oven door to find the packet cake and over flowed while cooking, quickly mopped up the mess and mixed up the fruit cake popped that in to bake while i did the ironing.
Finished just as the timer went off for the fruit cake, left it to cool and was making up the other packet cake when i spotted the eggs that should have gone into the fruit cake.Waste of expensive ingredients.

Don't have time to go back out to the shops as i teach in the ecole on friday afternoon.

Looks like i will have to pop into the bakery on the way tomorrow and now buy cakes.

Forgot, took a pizza out of the freezer for the kids lunch, while putting the ironing away, bad puppy who can reach the kitchen counter pinched the half frozen pizza, ate half and put the other half in a huge hole she as now dug in the front garden.

Might be safer if i just go back to bed for the rest of the day.

Esther R

One of those days

Poor you! We all have those days when things will just keep going wrong. I hope everything is ok now. I had one of those the other day when odd things happened. I had saved pennies, 5ps and 10ps in a cookie jar for quite a long while. It became too heavy to lift and so I decided it was time to empty it. My husband took it to one of those machines in the supermarket and collected £27. He put the money in his pocket to keep it separate from his other money and on the short walk from the supermarket to the coffee shop where he met me he managed to lose it! Inexplicable!!

sam from worthing

one of those days....

oh sue, what a day!

but i am afraid to say, your day story did make me laugh!

so annoying when things go wrong and wrong and wrong again.

My dog decided to eat half a defrosting side of beef a couple of years back - i thought i put it far enough back on the work top - but oh it seems i have a clever dog, who worked out that if she pawed at the tea towel the plate was sitting on - then whoopsy doo, the plate gets pulled off the work top and nice but if semi defrosted meat lands on the floor....lesson well learnt there i tell you! so we had to have toad in the hole as a big family dinner rather than roast beef with all the trimmings.

And i had a time, when i was a little bit poorly, went to tesco, did some shopping was on my way home and half way home i thought i had forgotten something - you know one of those moments when you check you bag for purse, keys, and whatever....everything seemed in place...arrived home - then it dawned on me......I had driven to tesco, yet i walked home! so i had to walk back to go get the car.

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