Join Delia for a webchat and ask your question here...

Welcome to our Coffee Break forum! Here you can chat to other members, not just about cooking, food, ingredients and recipes, but anything that takes your fancy. Share your stories, culinary or otherwise. So. What’s on your mind today?


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Noreen, Board Moderator

Join Delia for a webchat and ask your question here...

Delia will be joining us for a webchat on Monday October 1st from 1 to 2pm.

Here is the place for your question, so ask away.

Just a couple of rules...

1. Only one question per member
2. Please keep your question brief

Who's going to go first then...?


Delia's Raised Game Pie

I've always wondered, why the tablespoon of icing sugar? I leave it out.


straight cakes

Every time I make a sponge cake, it always seems to end up slanted. How can I guarantee a levelled cake every time?

Gravy Queen 1

Delias chat

Do you really need to add salt to a sweet biscuit recipe , is there a science to it ? Must admit I tend to leave it out these days .

Gravy Queen 1

Delias Webchat Questions

Nor, am I right in thinking we can submit more than one question for consideration, but only one per member will be chosen for Delia to answer?

I have another one:

Delia, you were pretty much a pioneer for cookery websites, Delia Online was up and running before other cooks/chefs websites. Now we have Iphones and Ipads, do you have any plans for releasing any apps, what are your plans for the future with the technology that has become available since Delia Online was launched 10 years ago?



Is it safe to use the mincemeat I made last year - your terrific recipe?


Favourite chutney?

Here's a question for you Delia,
I will ask you just one,
I'll be looking for the answer ,
Hope you reply before you're done

What's your favourite chutney please,
The one to a Desert Island you would take,
Then let me know before you go ,
And a jar for you I will make.

This post is done tongue in cheek ,
I am giving you plenty of time,
Who knows perhaps you'll surprise me ,
And post a reply written in rhyme .

Essex Girl

Favourite Time to Eat

If you had the chance to eat and drink whatever you fancied, with no time restrictions, which would you most enjoy - breakfast, lunch or evening meal?

Dottie May

Question For Delia

Are you planning on making future TV cookery programmes? I so enjoyed the programmes you made some years ago. Although I have a number of your cookery books it was always great to actually see you cooking s dish.

Ann Jones

low sugar, fat and salt recipes

Delia, your recipes are so reliable and the results are delicious. However, I am a type 2 diabetic and so low sugar, fat and salt recipes are required. As there are potentially a large number of diabetics in our population who are unaware that they have this condition, lowering the amounts of these products in our diet is paramount to our nation's health. I think you would be highly successful and would also be helping our nation's diet if you brought out a 'LOW' RECIPE BOOK - is this a possibility?

Margo k

Question for Delia

what do you think of the current fashion for sous vide cooking by chefs. Is it just a fad or will you be suggesting ideas and recipes for your followers? I've always relied on your advice if in doubt in the past!




We know you are a brilliant chef and can compete with the best. However, if you were to have one chef cook you dinner, who would that be.


Slimmers' desserts

Your recipe for squidgy chocolate cakes with Prunes in Marsala is a winner.
Do you have any more low-fat, low-sugar dessert recipes in the pipeline to help weight watchers?

Liz North

Type II-friendly recipes

My partner has type II diabetes, but searching your site and the internet in general, it's hard to find recipes. There are a few books, but it would be great to have recipes included on recipe sites! There are always gluten-free recipes but seldom ones which have low carbs and low sugar or with sugar substitutes.


Webchat question

Most of what you do is buying the best possible ingredients: How do you choose your suppliers?

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